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WINMAT 610 is a 3-dimensional turf reinforcement mat (TRM) made of continuous monofilaments fused at their intersections. 95% of the WINMAT 610 is open and available for soil, mulch, and root interaction, creating the most effective root reinforcement mat (R2M) available. WINMAT 610 is manufactured from nylon to eliminate the buoyancy factor associated with submerged conditions and provides permanent TRM protection in vegetated channels as well as on slopes.

WINMAT 610 is recommended for the following applications:

  • Permanent erosion control for vegetated channels with expected shear stresses ? 8 psf.
  • Permanent erosion control for slight to moderate slopes (?1H:1V).
  • Support and enhance hydraulic and agronomic performance of ecosystem plants.
  • Excellent substrate for hydraulically applied mulches for applications where calculated hydraulic forces exceed the threshold of the mulch by itself and/or unreniforced vegetation.
  • Meets requirements for FHWA FP03 Type 5B TRM

MARV English
MARV Metric
Tensile Strength
ASTM D-6818
150 lbs/ft
2.2 kN/m
ASTM D-6525
0.3 in
7.5 mm
Mass/Unit Area
ASTM D-6566
6.5 oz/yd 2
220 g/m 2
ASTM D-6524
UV Resistance (2000 hrs)
ASTM D-4355

Notes: 1. Flume test performed at independent laboratory. 2. Depending on vegetation type and height, use engineering field experience and examine a range of Mannings n values during design.

Typical English
Typical Metric
Permissible Velocity 30 minute - vegetated
Flume Test1
19 ft/s
5.8 m/s
Permissible Velocity 50 hour - vegetated
Flume Test1
14 ft/s
4.2 m/s
Permissible Shear Stress 30 min - vegetated
Flume Test1
8.0 lbs/ft
0.38 kN/m
Permissible Shear Stress 50 hour - vegetated
Flume Test1
6.0 lbs/ft
0.29 kN/m
Manning’s n Range2
Flume Test1
Roll Dimensions
8.0 x 169 ft
2.4 x 51.4 m
Roll Area
150 yd 2
125.4 m 2

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