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Erosion Control Products: Prevent and Manage Soil Erosion

Erosion Control Products: Prevent and Manage Soil ErosionErosion comes in different forms, ranging from a slight runoff capable of washing away surface dirt, to more serious landslides that are capable of harming property or cause loss of life. Although some types of erosion are natural, others are caused by human error. Job sites are also prone to erosion-related issues, especially with the strong vibrations that groundworks and other job site processes cause. Although job sites are temporary, erosion issues they may cause can be problematic for the surrounding community years later. Without proper erosion-control, there could be landslides, washed out roads, and farming concerns that may further cause other environmental problems like thinning plant life and endangered wildlife. Erosion certainly is a serious problem, but one that can be effectively prevented and controlled using various erosion control products and techniques.

Not all job sites are the same. Some are smaller or larger than others, while some include permanent or temporary fixtures that may need to be taken down after its period of use. Because job sites vary, erosion control requirements also differ from one job to the next. Some methods that are used for controlling erosion around job sites include (1) sloping, which helps control sediment and guide water flow away from the job site and into a safe area, (2) silt fencing, which helps keep dirt and sediment in place, and (3) erosion control blanketing, which helps keep soil in place, therefore preventing small landslides from happening on the job site.

WINFAB offers a range of cost-effective, reliable, and high-tech erosion control mats and blankets. The company’s organic-fiber blankets and permanent turf reinforcement mats protect soil against erosion while enhancing vegetative establishment.

Among WINFAB’s latest innovations is the Diamondback 2018 turf reinforcement mat (TRM) and Diamondback 4030 (high-performance TRM), both of which are engineered for high-level turf/root reinforcement requirements and extreme erosion. These three-dimensional, UV stabilized TRMs are machine fabricated and boast high tensile strength. A heat stabilization process is used during their manufacture process to improve the effectiveness and consistency of their pyramidal weaves in trapping soil and promoting self-soil filling. They can stand up to ultraviolet deterioration, biological degradation, rotting, and common soil chemicals. They are especially useful in the shoreline, channel, and extreme slope applications and large-scale and immediate erosion control and turf/root reinforcement. They can dramatically reduce soil loss into receiving waters even on the toughest sites.

WINFAB also offers temporary organic erosion control blankets for stabilizing slopes and embankments. They are available in different fiber combinations, including straw, coco, and a straw and coco blend.. These nets have varying tensile strengths and functional longevity. Speak with a WINFAB representative to find out what products will best suit your requirements.