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  • Prevents Clogging of Drain Systems
  • Prevents Silt Pollution of Waterways
  • Reduces Velocity of Runoff Water
  • Easy to Install and Maintain
  • Environmentally Friendly
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Industrial Textile Products - Silt Fence Fabric

Silt fence fabric is primarily used on construction sites in order to protect rivers, lakes and streams, as well as other land resources from being contaminated by silt, sediment, and other construction debris. WINFAB is a leading manufacturer of silt fence products made from heavy duty geotextiles, ranging from monofilaments to silt films and combination yarn systems.

Designed for filtration, separation, and erosion protection applications, WINFAB’s silt fence textiles are designed to help prevent drain system clogging and silt pollution in waterways, as well as reduce the velocity of storm runoff. Our geotextiles are easy to install and maintain, and are guaranteed to be environmentally friendly, ensuring that your project site remains compliant with the latest industry standards.

WINFAB offers a complete line of silt fence products, manufactured to meet the ever-changing job site and environmental requirements of modern industries. Our silt fence fabric is made using superior quality, UV-stabilized polypropylene yarn systems that are designed for effective silt retention and maximum water flow. Apart from our extensive line of silt fence textiles and related products, our in-house fabrication division also offers custom fabrication services to meet very specific project requirements. This can be extremely beneficial for those with unique job site specifications and requirements.

Silt fencing is an effective, but temporary, erosion control solution for construction sites, hills, slopes, and areas that require sediment control and containment. For silt fencing to work, you need specialized fabrics made out of strong woven materials that offer high tensile strength and permeability. This way, water can continue to flow seamlessly through the material, while keeping individual particles from passing through.

We offer a complete range of silt fence textiles derived from high strength materials that are effective in ensuring erosion and sediment control. We have prepared detailed data sheets for each of our silt fence models to help you find exactly what your job site needs. Custom fabrication is also an option for those with project-specific requirements such as non-standard fencing configurations. Our in-house fabrication team will be more than happy to discuss your special requirements and design a fitting setup for your site.
  • Filtration
  • Separation
  • Erosion Protection
Custom Fabrication Services Available
WINFAB’s in house fabrication division can custom produce silt fence products to meet project specific requirements.
Data Sheets
  • WINFAB 2098
  • WINFAB 2098R
  • WINFAB V23
  • WINFAB V24
  • WINFAB 77SF Orange
  • WINFAB 100SF
  • WINFAB 100SF Orange
  • WINFAB 100SF Blue
  • WINFAB 100SF Green
  • WINFAB 105SF
  • WINFAB 105SF Orange
  • WINFAB 1210DT
  • WINFAB 1211
  • WINFAB 1215DT
  • WINFAB 1216
  • WINFAB 1217DT
  • WINFAB 2014
  • WINFAB 2015
  • WINFAB 2020HDX
  • WINFAB 2030HDX
  • WINFAB 2050HDX
  • WINFAB 2070HDX
    WINFAB Diamondback 4030 is a three dimensional high performance turf reinforcement mat (HP-TRM).
    It is manufactured using a special heat stabilization process to drastically increase the effectiveness of the pyramidal weave when incorporated in steep slope and vegetated applications where high performance is required for soils and root systems.

    WINFAB 400HTM is manufactured using high tenacity polypropylene yarns that are woven to form a dimensionally stable network, which allows the yarns to maintain their relative position. It resists ultraviolet deterioration, rotting, and biological degradation and is inert to commonly encountered soil chemicals.

    WINFAB Silt Fence with Wood Stakes consists of a complete line of Silt Fence filter fabrics attached to hardwood stakes. WINFAB can attach any Silt Fence fabric to an appropriate size hardwood stake in order to meet the needs of any project.