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  • Excellent Weed Barrier
  • Markers Allow For Proper Plant Alignment
  • Resists UV Degradation
  • Allows for Moisture Retention in Soils
  • Available in Black and White Colors
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Landscaping and Nursery - Woven Ground Cover

Woven ground cover is an efficient and affordable solution for suppressing weed growth in nurseries, orchards, greenhouses and home gardens. Otherwise known as a weed barrier, a ground cover not only makes managing weeds easier—it also gives you a way to avoid the use of harmful chemical sprays to deal with pests and weeds. Weeds are huge issues when it comes to cultivating crops as they dig their roots into the soil and steal water, nutrients, and even sunlight from other plants. Because they don’t require much to survive, they have the ability to expand their own root system and spread throughout your area. A weed barrier is an effective tool for fending off these intruders without having to turn to chemical sprays that can potentially harm not only your plants, but the surrounding environment.

Woven ground cover works by blocking sunlight, oxygen, and water from the weeds, effectively stunting their growth or eliminating them altogether and preventing them from spreading and reproducing. There are many different kinds of weed barriers that you can use to control weed growth, including fabric weed barriers and ground covers that effectively starve weeds of water, sunlight, and oxygen. Ground covers are typically dark in color to suppress sunlight, but the small spaces in between the woven fabric still allows enough water and oxygen to reach through to the soil to benefit your crops.

WINFAB offers a diverse line of woven ground covers that are ideal for use in nurseries, greenhouses, permanent gardens, and other landscape applications, as well as areas where you want to suppress or control weed growth without resorting to chemicals. WINFAB’s geotextile ground covers are made out of high tenacity polypropylene yarns, woven together to create a dimensionally stable network or webbing that allows each yarn to maintain a relative position. Our weed barriers are highly resistant to rotting, biological degradation, and ultraviolet deterioration. They are also inert to common soil chemicals, making for a highly efficient weed barrier. These products also offer additional features like markers for proper plant alignment, and moisture retention properties for better moisture control.

  • Nurseries
  • Green Houses
  • Permanent Gardens
  • Landscape Applications
Data Sheets
  • WINFAB 1510
  • WINFAB 1520
    WINFAB Diamondback 4030 is a three dimensional high performance turf reinforcement mat (HP-TRM).
    It is manufactured using a special heat stabilization process to drastically increase the effectiveness of the pyramidal weave when incorporated in steep slope and vegetated applications where high performance is required for soils and root systems.

    WINFAB 400HTM is manufactured using high tenacity polypropylene yarns that are woven to form a dimensionally stable network, which allows the yarns to maintain their relative position. It resists ultraviolet deterioration, rotting, and biological degradation and is inert to commonly encountered soil chemicals.

    WINFAB Silt Fence with Wood Stakes consists of a complete line of Silt Fence filter fabrics attached to hardwood stakes. WINFAB can attach any Silt Fence fabric to an appropriate size hardwood stake in order to meet the needs of any project.