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Geotextile Fabric Types and Applications

Road Fabric installation Geotextile fabrics are commonly specified for use in a wide variety of Civil or Environmental applications for private or public projects. Products selected for these applications often include woven slit film, high performance woven, monofilament filtration fabrics, or needle punched nonwoven fabrics. 

Applications and specifications, determine the appropriate product and function. Timing can be a factor, whether early on the site for Sediment and Erosion control, or Stabilizing poor soils for continued construction; the advantages and needs are ever present. 

The market demand continues to grow and hit $4.1 billion worldwide in 2018, with projections at a CAGR (Compounding annual growth rate) of 12.1% by 2025.


Temporary Silt Fence, controlling storm water runoff and prevent soil migration from the job site.

Separation, (separating ABC from the softer weaker subgrade), reducing sacrificial aggregate needed for the design life and therefore reducing construction cost and time.

Stabilization, (improving the load bearing capacity of the section), allowing construction to continue when poor soils are discovered.

Drainage/Filtration, (preventing fine soil migration into drainage mediums), keeping the drain fully functional and free to function as designed.

Permanent Erosion Control, (preparing/supporting surfaces to prevent wind/water erosion), early in the project and in the final stages as well. Protecting downstream storm water, reducing turbidity and supporting the constructed bank.

Reinforcement, (providing structure benefit to an established section), enhancing design life or preserving, while reducing costly traditional construction materials.

New and emerging applications and specifications promote new uses or new products supporting new and traditional solutions. Faster, Better, Cheaper is a common refrain when designing with traditional and new innovative Geosynthetics/geotextiles.  Sustainability, Adaptability and Resiliency are indeed enhanced with the inclusion of geotextiles in design and construction.

Product Highlight:

Woven slit film geotextiles.

Winfab 200W, 250W, 315W, 350W (12.5’, 15’, 17.5’, customer widths and fabrication)

Commonly used in conditions were lower soil permeability allows for this highly effective solution to be employed. The advantages to the contractor and owner are often measured in cost effective function, width options available and freight advantages. Specified and used by FHWA, State DOTs, and private designers for over 40 years, these products still offer a tremendous value. Contact Winfab today to explore the full range of products available in this product category, and for a source near you!  www.winfabusa.com

Applications: Separation, Stabilization, Turbidity, light reinforcement, Paved and unpaved roads, driveways, light vehicle paths, Temporary Walls

Made in the USA product available as specifications demand.

WINFAB® is one of the most trusted geotextile fabric suppliers offering high-quality products for heavy-duty applications like road construction, erosion prevention, and erosion control. Review our full selection of products, including non-woven and high-performance woven fabrics. Our broad selection of product offerings provide you solutions to stabilization, separation, re-enforcement, filtration, and drainage.