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Are You Prepared To Support Projects Being Funded By The IIJA Act?

It has been a little over 6 months now since the historic $1.2 trillion bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) was signed into law, and while we all are waiting for the details of implementation to come into focus, there is still a lot that we can talk about in preparation to support the federally funded projects.  Here are 3 things you need to know about the IIJA Act and how WINFAB’s products will benefit the execution of these projects over the next five years (and beyond):

  1. Roads and bridges are the biggest benefactors of American Infrastructure, and WINFAB’s separation, stabilization, and reinforcement fabrics are readily available from WINFAB for domestically local, state-side sourcing.

The law contains a total of $284 billion in transportation spending, according to a White House press release.  Of the $284 billion, $110 billion is designated for the rehabilitation and/or construction of roads and bridges, of which the vast majority of these federal and state DOT projects will require the use of WINFAB certifiable and approved product listed AASHTO M-288 and FHWA separation, stabilization, reinforcement, and drainage geotextile fabrics.  Additionally, sourcing domestically is an investment in an environmentally responsible supply chain.

  1. There is a large focus on adapting to new ways of infrastructure construction in an effort to reduce the impacts of climate change, while also seeking to mitigate and reduce ongoing sources of pollution and environmental degradation.  

The IIJA demands more resiliency and greener technologies be used in the construction of our infrastructure as we work to build a more sustainable way of life.  Geosynthetics manufactured by WINFAB, to include the HTM product series of high modulus woven fabrics, provide for critical reinforcement for roads, levees, embankments, etc. while also providing for a greener alternative when compared to conventional building materials such as aggregate.  Did you know that HTM woven geotextile fabrics can remove up to 50% of the aggregate base required to build a road due to its high strength and superior drainage/moisture management capabilities?  It’s true, and WINFAB’s fabrics may also reduce the cost of construction making the IIJA dollar for dollar more efficient in spend.

  1. One of the major questions facing the implementation of the IIJA is the impact of the “Build America, Buy America Act” provisions, which dictates requirements for American-made construction materials and/or manufactured products.

By far, this is the most perplexing component of the IIJA, which still has yet to be defined for our industry, the products we produce, and what exactly does Buying American really mean? According to the DOT and the Made in America Office, who are collaborating on cohesive guidance, we should all have this missing information made available to us as early as November 2022.  

However, while many of the provisions of the IIJA are still yet to be defined, know that WINFAB has been manufacturing geosynthetic and erosion control solutions domestically in the United States for over 25 years. As a US owned and based manufacturer of Geosynthetics and Erosion Control Products, we have supported investments in North American infrastructure for decades, and we are active in industry technical and trade associations to ensure a robust and long-lasting future for the American worker.

WINFAB stands ready to supply manufactured products and construction materials needed to support IIJA’s investment in infrastructure, and we invite you to contact us today to start planning and building out the future partnerships.

For more information pertaining to requests for “Buy America” and “Buy American” product from WINFAB, please contact us at [email protected].